• 6 months ago

    Chronic Pain, Peripheral Neuropathy from Cancer Treatment

    My spouse has Peripheral Neuropathy. The PN was a result of Bio-Chemotherapy for Cancer, the pain is in his hand's and feet up to about the knees and elbows. My spouse used to be able to go shopping, walk around the block or just move around. The new policies on opiodes has been hell on him. They took away his Methadone without trying to ease him of, just stopped prescribing it. He hadn't completely run out so he was able to wean himself off. He still goes to see his Pain Dr. every month to be checked and for some other general perscription's but no pain meds. He is in such pain he can only get out of bed to use the restroom. Six of his Dr.'s told him to use Medical Marijuana and it has helped but he can't stay loaded all the time, he can't drive or visit friends and he has no quality of life. What are people like him, in constant and debilitating pain suppose to do?