• 7 months ago

    Swollen Arm

    I do Crossfit and workout 3-4 times a week. This last Monday we did a hero workout which is a really long high intensity workout in honor of a fallen soldier or first responder. There was a lot of movements which involved the biceps. During the workout my biceps felt tight but nothing too out of the normal. On Tuesday I was feeling stiff and my arms were kind of stuck bent, but not sore. I skipped the workout Tuesday because I was feeling a little dizzy and lightheaded in the afternoon. Wednesday I was still stiff but it was starting to hurt and was difficult to extend my arms. I made sure to stretch a lot throughout the day and went to the gym Wednesday and did the workout hoping it would help me loosen up. I've experienced this stiff and soreness in the past but have not had it happen in the last 7 months that I've been doing Crossfit. Normally we are pretty warmed up and stretched out. I attributed the stiffness to DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). Thursday came and I was still stiff and sore but now I had noticed my biceps were swollen, my left bicep a lot more than my right. Thursday was my rest day so I did not go to the gym. Friday left bicep is the same. I've never experienced this before. I eat healthy and drink lots of water daily. I've taken Naproxen to help the inflammation but it doesn't seem to do much. Worst case scenario I was thinking Rhabdomyolysis, but so far I do not have any other symptoms. It's been four days since I worked out now, should I be worried? Should I give it the weekend to see what happens? Sucks cause I was just at the doctors office Thursday for my annual wellness exam and hadn't noticed the swelling till after. Doctor didn't notice it either. What should I be doing to help the swelling? Should I skip the gym today (Friday) and rest? Was thinking of going to talk to the coaches more and maybe just do some cardio or leg workouts.