• 7 months ago

    Why do I have right sided flank pain and abdominal pain when taking deep breaths in the mornings? That always goes away after walking aro

    The pain is almost unbearable, so I always have to get up and walk around. After this everything is fine again. This started 5 years ago and has gotten worse over time. In the beginning it was only in the mornings and the pain was only at the right flank. Now the pain is also sometimes felt like a belt over the abdomen, but mainly remains in the right flank. Again it always goes away when I wake up and walk around. However, in the previous year I’ve also felt the right flank pain when I lay on the left side for a hour or two. But besides that, it’s always occur in the morning. The pain is not there everyday but is definitely present 5 out 7 days at week. I’ve had my colon checked, and it was perfect. The same with blood tests.

    Do you have any ideas of what it could be? I feel pretty lost and nobody seems to want to do anything about it. But I just can’t accept to just live with this pain. I need a reason. I may have a crooked back? Could that be the cause? Or is it as simple as gas??