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    Compressed Ulnar Nerve

    Hello - I hope this is the right forum, I didn't see anything more specific to my conditions. I appear to be experiencing some Ulnar Nerve compression in my left arm. Here is some background on what led up to this.

    I am a 33 year old Male, about a week and a half ago I was working on cutting deer meat when I cut up near the left tip of my middle finger (of the left hand) with a knife. I cleaned up the cut, applied isopropyl alcohol and Neosporin to the cut and put a bandaid on it. At the time I had no numbness or odd sensations in my hand.

    About 3-4 days after I took the bandage off and was noticing that I appeared to have some numbness in my hand, along with some pressure around the palm of my hand. I then started experiencing some warmthness in this hand, extending partially up my arm. When this started occuring I went to a Walk In clinic who looked at the cut and my hand and other than the cut didnt see anything abnormal. They prescribed me a 10 day supply of Amoxicillin for an antibiotic (in case there eas an infection from the cut) along with a 5 day supply of Prednisone, along with a Tetnis shot. I am not on my last day of the Prednisone course and I feel like I have much better sensation in my left hand and that my numbess is gone, however I've had compression in my Ulnar nerve for the past few days.

    The compression appears to be centered mostly near my elbow, either on the inner side of the Funny bone, or just above it in my upper arm. It feels like in that one spot like the never is being pinched.

    I have no idea if the cut to my finger in any way could have caused this, or if it's pure coincidence. I will say that I have never experienced anything similar to this before. From what I understand the Ulnar nerve covers your pinky finger and right side of the ring finger, whereas my cut was to my middle finger so I dont know how the cut to the middle finger would affect the Ulnar nerve.

    Is it possible that I have some inflammation from the cut that is somehow affecting this nerve? Would you expect to see this compression if you did have an infection?

    I'm trying not to worry too much but at the same time I don't want to ignore the problem. Would a hand Surgeon be a good option to make an appointment with if this doesn't resolve over the next fee days or what would you recommend doing? Thank you very much for your feedback!



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    RE: Compressed Ulnar Nerve

    UPDATE: Just an update, the compression I felt in my elbow is gone, however I am feeling compression now above the elbow, on the upper part of my arm, and at times right below my shoulder. I want this to go away! What can I do? Will a hand surgeon still be able to help if the nerve compression is in my upper arm? I wonder if there is some type of fluid buildup from inflammation from my cut (even though its not the same nerve). My appointment is on Wednesday so I hope I get some help...
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    RE: Compressed Ulnar Nerve

    Any responses would be appreciated, thanks.