• 27 days ago

    CBD oil for pain management

    I'm asking for opinions about CBD oil for chronic pain. I have mid-back pain from sitting at my desk every day at work. It usually starts about 4 hours into my shift. I sit and occasionally get up and move a bit every 2 hours, but after lunch the pain gets intense. I have kyphosis in my mid-back and I think that increases my pain along with minimal movement during my work day. Would CBD oil help with my pain level? I have also been taking Kratom with some success that lasts for about 4 hours, but the pain returns more intensely after. Eleve helps a bit after Kratom wears off. Also, the Kratom leads to constipation due to heavy fiber. Would rather have pain relief AND no constipation. Can CBD help me? What kind, brand? Thanks.


  • 21 days ago

    RE: CBD oil for pain management

    I use Charlottes Web salve it's topical works within 5 minutes. You need to take CBD orally daily for inflammation I've used many brands as long as Co2 cold processed and tested for potency it helps I use tincture or liquid as I can rub on topically as well. Best antianxiety medicine ever. Can't claim any of these things but YES IT WORKS Apex is another great brand. I like CBD made with SATIVA increases mood n energy. Been chronic pain yrs, retired nurse with herniated lumbar n cervical discs, stenosis, sciatica, nerve root compression. Need both knees replaced as well. I use n try anything legal. Acupuncture works great as well.
  • 20 days ago

    RE: CBD oil for pain management

    I have used the creams from MJApothocary for a few years now. I like the creams, however, I have found that DMSO works much better for me than the CBD Oil Cream. I still buy the CBD Oil Cream from MJ Apothocary, however, I use that more for healing skin issues rather than pain. I have sciatic pain and spinal stenosis along with herniated/deteriorating cervical spine disks. The DMSO with lavender and Aloe is less expensive and works within 5 mins of rubbing some in. The CBD does work eventually, but takes much longer to kick in. Just my personal experience.