• 8 months ago

    What is going on with my wrists?

    (Actual question in paragraph 2)
    As an overview, I've added some of my other joint related issues (if they could some how be related):
    - Nine times out of ten, when I move my neck at all it cracks to the point where I must crack it constantly to avoid my stiff neck. (It cracks so much I've genuinely been asked if I just broke my neck)
    - In general, my knuckles, knees, elbows, shoulders, etc. are very stiff and will sometimes have dull pain until I manage to crack them
    - Stiff and tense back
    *Keep in mind, all of these issues are pretty minor and unfortunately normal for many of the people at my school due to backpacks and sitting at computers, etc.*

    In the past year I've been getting really strange sensations in both my wrists. Whether I'm lifting something really heavy or even going to high five someone, sometimes I'll feel this almost popping/snapping sensation (but unlike cracking ones knuckles purposefully) in my wrist and suddenly a strange pain will branch out up my hand. It almost feels as though I can feel the pain branching out from nerve to nerve. Then my hand and wrist will tingle/have pins and needles for a bit until I get normal feeling back. It doesn't happen every time I move my wrists but when it does it is an extremely strange feeling. Non-professionals have told me it may be carpal tunnel or a pinched nerve, but I'd like a second opinion before I decide whether to get it checked out. I am a theatre technician and an artist, so being able to understand what's going on with my wrists and hands is really important to me as it can be a matter of my safety as well as others' safety.