• 7 months ago

    Painful lump on the buttocks

    I have a lump on the buttocks that grew pretty quickly in a few days, and now its real painful, hard to sit or stand without any pain. I thought it was a boil but it doesn't seem to be pussing up or popping anytime soon. I did a have a few times where I was freezing or really warm but that seems to have stopped.

    Do I need to see a dermatologist for this of someone else?


  • 3 months ago

    RE: Painful lump on the buttocks

    Have you found relief from this I'm experiencing the same thing I went to the doc. He told me I had a herniated Hemorrhoid and it would go on its own but have bin in extreme pain for one and a half week if you have found relief I would greatly appreciate it.
  • 3 months ago

    RE: Painful lump on the buttocks


    I frequently get boils. They are painful and seem to take forever to get a head and then pop and drain. Sometimes applying hot compresses, like a hot moist washcloth to the area helps to speed along the process.

    I would give it another week or so. If there is no change, then see your primary care physician for his/her opinion. A dermatologist may be needed if you get several or they seem infected. Unfortunately, these things are unpleasant and take time to resolve.

    I pray you find answers and relief soon.