• 6 months ago

    RE: Lower back Surgery

    Hi, I hope you are feeling better as it has been 2 months since your surgery. First, I learned after 4 spine surgeries, that back surgery is the most painful surgery. Do not be afraid to use a pain medication to make the pain bearable. Use the lowest your doctor prescribes as pain keeps your body from healing, keeps swelling and muscle spasms there. Decrease your pain medication a little bit every day, whether it is an OTC or a prescription medication. As your vertebrate and your body heal your pain will decrease, really. My best surgeon told me that, although the structural problem had been fixed surgically, the back is never going to be as it was before. The spacers put in, no matter what they are called, take the place of the disk that used to be there. I had this done 30 years ago, and then at other levels in my spine until my last, 8th, surgery in 2016. I am still walking. Not in a wheelchair. And that is your goal. Which means: no excess weight on your body. And you will be able to function as though you have never had a back surgery at all. You do need to get through the pain of now. Thank your doctor for his/her skill and make sure you go to Physical Therapy.