• 10 months ago

    Gabapentin, tapering off safely? Do I need to?

    I started on Gabapentin on July 5th, with 100mg at night. Each week I increased 100 mg until I was at 300mg at night. The next week (last week) I started an additional 100mg in the morning. So total is only 400mg /day. I have been dizzy, lethargic, a little double vision, having headaches, irritability, anxiety, and some depression since just a couple of days after initially starting. Not sure if I need to give it MORE time and LARGER doses and GET OFF. Family wants me off this med (taking it for neuropathy pain), saying I have changed ALOT and not for the better. Haven't heard back from physician yet, so checking around. Anyone know if it's safe to taper more than 100mg at a time? And for how long each time before doing next taper? Thanks.