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    Severe Back/Neck Pain for 17 Y/O

    Hey, I'm a 17 year old with major back pain, right in the middle right side, and when I put my head down, the pain is more intense, when I put my head back, there's pain in the back part of my neck and upper back. I've been to physical therapy for 5 months, had multiple deep tissue massages, dry-needling, and nothing worked at all. I also had an MRI done, showing that nothing's wrong. But one doctor told me that it's a "muscular" issue but wasn't told any solution but to "live with it". This pain is unbearable and I don't know what type of doctor to see or what to even do. Any help is appreciated, thank you.


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    RE: Severe Back/Neck Pain for 17 Y/O

    Hi, you may want to try laser.That's good for muscular .
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    RE: Severe Back/Neck Pain for 17 Y/O


    I am sorry you are going through this and fully understand.

    You would benefit by seeing another doctor - an orthopedic specialist or a neurologist. Do not accept the opinion of only one doctor but keep seeing treatment. Do your own research on the internet, too.

    I pray you find answers and relief soon.

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    RE: Severe Back/Neck Pain for 17 Y/O

    Hi there! I'm so sorry to hear you're in pain. Have you considered getting a contrasting MRI? Or maybe a CT Scan that can give you a better view of what's happening.

    I love what others have said about laser treatments. If this is, in fact, muscular, laser may help bring down inflammation, break down scar tissue, and overall help you feel better.

    If not, I would definitely suggest getting a second and even a third opinion. Some doctors simply just don't go the extra mile to see what's happening.

    Good luck!