• 7 months ago

    Broke my hand, two months later

    Two months ago, I broke two bones in my hand, "small finger, metacarpal base" and my ring finger, about 2cm from my wrist. To be clear, I didnt break my fingers, but the bones in my hand. The method of break was losing my temper, beat the crap out of the floor... I lost. I had surgery on my hand, with a pin on each broken bone. The pins were removed one month after sitting in my hand, and a month has passed since then. I do not have insurance, and can not afford any of the physical therapy I can find in the city I live in, I have been doing my best to mimic the motions that my right hand can make. My doctor insists that my bones healed fine, but the pain is getting worse every day. I cant sleep until I physically cant stay awake anymore, the pain is so bad that I am not even getting an appetite.

    My fingers feel like they want to be slightly crossed at all times, and im not sure if it is a problem or not. Trying to talk to my doctor about it, he seems to not give me any sort of definitive response to my concern.

    So my question is this: what do I need to say to get my doctor to take a closer look at my hand? This is hurting more then the actual breaking of my hand, and I am not educated enough to know what to do. I cant do anything with my left hand without being in an overwhelming amount of pain, even using the undamaged part of my hand is painful.