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    A question about CBD for chronic pain


    In 2012 I underwent a Lamimectomy surgery which was not at all successful. Since that time I have been saddled with chronic pain and nerve damage to the left thigh area and toes of both feet. My back, hips and knees are filled with arthritis. I was prescribed and have been using various strengths of slow and instant release Morphine and Gabapenten for pain and nerve damage, as well as over-the-counter pain meds, Zopiclone for insomnia, Atacand to assist in lowering the upper blood pressure level, Rosuvastatin for colesteral and Wellbutrin for anxiety.

    This past weekend I was volunteering at a local event where various companies set up booths to advertise, promote and sell some of their products. One of the booths was set up by a company called "Twisted Extracts" who's main product is CBD cannabis oil and other CBD products. A few years ago I was referred to a Physical Medicine specialist who, after a thorough workup, prescribed medical cannabis for pain management and sleep but I have never used the prescription as I had tried recreational marijuana before and thought that I would have the same experience with the medical type. I didn't realize it until someone explained the difference between medical and recreational marijuana, and I didn't want the feeling of being high all the time.

    Anyway, I purchased some CBD gummies and something called Twisted Extracts Cara-Melts which is just another type of CBD candy. The gummies are 80mg each and you are supposed to be able to easily cut them into 8 - 10mg doses. The Cara-Melts are 70mg per dose.

    I really would like to to try them to see if they would be of some value in managing my pain and then possibly reducing or eliminating some of these heavy medications.

    To get to the point and my question, I'm wondering if I try them, should I use it in place of the meds while testing out or along with the prescription medications?

    Any assistance that you could offer would be greatly appreciated.



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    RE: A question about CBD for chronic pain

    I would strongly suggest that you check with your current PM doctor whether or not they approve of the use of CBD or MMJ in their practice. If your PM does not allow CBD or MMJ use, then doing so can result in your being dismissed from pain management.
    Most PM doctors who do permit the use of cbd/mmj require a state certification card on file first and dispensing only through licensed dispensaries in your state.
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        Thanks. I believe I stated in my post that my PM Doctor had already given me the required Canadian Provincial Medical Cannabis prescription. If not, sorry, I may have missed that.
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    RE: A question about CBD for chronic pain

    That's good that your PM is on board. As far as CBD oil goes, for most trying it, some seem to try it both in addition and others in place of their meds. It really depends on how you want to try it.
    I just started a trial period myself, and I have tried the CBD at night, several hours after taking my regular meds and during the daytime in place of them to see how I make out.
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        Are you on similar meds?

        I might try what you are doing and see how things go. The 80mg gummies that I purchased are supposed to be easily cut into 8 - 10mg doses. The gentleman who I bought them suggested that I try half (5mg) of a dose and wait for an hour before taking the rest of the 10mg.

        Thanks very much for the information.

      • 6 months ago
        I am on Opana for an extended release med, oxycodone for breakthrough and two strains of mmj. As I said, I just started the mmj trial. I use a day time higher CBD/low thc version for days when I hurt, but not enough for breakthrough meds, and a more potent tincture for nighttime with a closer CBD/THC ratio.
        They don't have gummies or edibles here yet in my state. I am in the US.
        THERE is a huge difference in just CBD oil/edibles that people can buy online etc, and actual mmj from a licensed dispensary. The latter is better.