• 8 months ago

    Excruciating Back Pain When Lying Down.

    From time to time if I reach, or bend quickly, I will feel a pain on the right side of my lower back. Normally a Thera Wrap, Aspercreme, etc. will alleviate the pain and everything is fine. Right now I am about 4 days into have the flu and have not been able to lay down at all, in any position. When I lay down I can feel a faint pain starting at the small of my back that will quickly travel up the right side of my back. It will stop right below my shoulder and is excruciating and brings me almost to tears. It feels like all the muscles on that side of my back are tightening up. Strange thing is that when sitting it pinches a bit, and not that painful, annoying yes but not to painful. I have been sleeping in a chair the Last few days and have not been resting at all. Any help will be greatly appreciated, I need to get some sleep.....