• 8 months ago

    Burning pain

    I had open inguinal hernia surgery 2 days. Since I've been home ive been pretty much crippled. I am having this extreme burning pain under my skin in the groin area. It occurs whenever I try to do anything, walk, cough, laugh, urinate. It is at its most extreme when I cough, the pain is blinding. The burning seems exceptionally potent when my bladder is full. At that point when I try to urinate, it burns alot and the urine comes out very very slowly. After it is empty there is a slight feeling of relief, other than that the only time it doesn't hurt is laying on my back. I am also constipated, I have not eaten much since the surgery out of fear. Also worth mentioning is the area of my skin above where I feel the burning is completely numb, I have no feeling there at all. The pain killers I was prescribed have pretty much no effect on the pain. People I talk to say this is normal and I should wait it out. I don't know. I am going to be alone for the next two days and things have become quite difficult. Any opinions or experiences would be appreciated.