• 8 months ago

    Bending Wrist Pain

    Hello! I am an avid gamer and use a mouse frequently. I never had any wrist problems until about 2 days ago. I noticed when I bent my right wrist (the hand I use my mouse with) all the way to the left, my wrist would really hurt. When I bend it to the right, not so much, but I still feel pain. I know of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome as it is very common among gamers, but it says that the main symptoms are numbness in the fingers, but I fully feel my hand, and my wrist doesn't even hurt when I leave it in a neutral position, it is only until I bend it left that it starts to hurt. I also have my mouse in a pretty low position, so I can see why my wrist would hurt because I have to kind of bend it upwards. I really hope this doesn't develop into CTS. Thanks for any help! For now I'm trying to use my mouse less and at least elevate my arm by using the mouse on the upper portion of my desk (which I notice it relieves the bending pressure).