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    Migraines, Migraines and Migraines......

    I've suffered from Migraines since i was a small child. The throbbing for 3 days, sensitivity to everything that makes you want to cry out and scream and o ya the vomiting are my constant companion. When I'm not having Migraines, I'm having smaller irritating and uncomfortable headaches 3 to 4 times a week that I've just become accustom too. As I've gotten older I'v gained more triggers. Perfumes, nail polish, chewing gum to long, Cold air is a big one or the fan blowing air on me really gives me one fast. Chemicals, fresh cut flowers, alcohol the list goes on, anyway because of my Migraines theirs Alot of activities i cant do either like Concerts, every once in awhile i try one and yep always come home with a Migraine. Weddings to, Even when I'm a Bridesmaid i always end up with a Migraine, i guess its all the running around taking pictures outside then inside where the A/C is so FREAKING COLD, as soon as i feel it i know immediately I'm going to have another Migraine on another one of my Best Friends special nights. It happens so often I hope they don't think I just don't want to be their. Ironically in 2018 and 2017 I had a Migraine on one of my friends Birthday both years? Same friend? We were not meant to celebrate our 30th year together. I can't tube at the lake anymore, one round and Bam I'm done Instant migraine you can probably imagine my dismay I'm only 30. I've been to the Doctors I've got a Specialist and a Neurologist hey I've even got and amazing Chiropractor/Acupuncturist I like him best and i just had my first Daith done in my left ear which seems to help so far but ill get the other done in a month then we'll really see. So there's a little of my history for you. Now as much as i have Migraines theirs one thing I've always been able to take, one thing I've always loved, one thing that's never really bothered me and that's The Heat. I can work in it, swim in it, pick blackberry's in it, Garden in it, get sun burnt in it, bask in it, fish in it, clear a field by hand with a weed eater in it and I'll never get a Migraine. I drink a lot of water, i drink it all day and i pack it with me, and i sweat very little, or i guess i do sweat its just gotta get really hot for me to sweat like other people, usually when other people are sweating and turning on the a/c I'm still over here with my windows open, curled up on the couch in some sweat pants and having separation anxiety with my electric blanket. This is me cold natured, im never quite warm enough. Until last year anyway now I'm still cold and I still love all things warm but I can no longer work outside in the heat?? So I'm a 30 year old woman who now can't do the one thing left she had left that she loved. I don't feel sorry for myself that's life, now that I have more time to work outside in my yard It would figure It makes me Physically Ill to do so seeing as how it didn't make me physically i'll the 10 years before that but i didn't even have a yard then because i was too busy working 16 hours shifts. Now im finally at a place where life is slower for me, I can relax enjoy my yard, do some landscaping ect...... but my body wont let me, I was out side over the weekend for 3 hours in the heat of the day and its only around 82-82 here right now, plenty hydrated and by the time I got inside the pain was miserable, unbearable even, from 1130pm to 600am the next morning i vomited every hr to hr 1/2, this will happen every time i exert myself in the Sunlight i was hoping i was just under a lot of stress last year clear ground and putting in a new place and that's why i kept getting sick every time i went to work down their but now I've been working out in the yard this year and the same result. I did talk to my Nero Dr about it she checked my medicines and made sure they didn't have any side effects due to sunlight exposure ect..... and agreed that maybe it was just stress or my body and migraines are just changing and I'm just going to have to watch what i do. I'm really not her biggest fan as i don't think a perfectly healthy 30 year old woman should have to creep around my yard like I'm 75 or 80 and have an illness, their has to be a better way ???? I'm reaching out because i was hoping someone would have similar experiences and could help. Any advice would be appreciated


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    RE: Migraines, Migraines and Migraines......

    I can relate to some of your issues. I have a long history of migraines. I'm on prophylactic and abortive treatments which are marginally effective. I also get many headaches. Some months the migraines or headaches are daily occurrences. However, I don't have your triggers. I am similarly cold natured and always wear more clothing than anyone else and never set my AC below 80. I too rarely sweat, however my skin will get quite red (I am fair complected) from extreme heat. It's been many years since I've spent much time in sunlight as I purposely avoid it but I recall sunlight exposure gave me a face rash and made me very fatigued with a generally ill feeling but I never even felt like vomiting. I do know that sunlight has a variety of ill effects on people like me who have SLE Lupus and migraines are common among lupus patients. You may want to look at the signs and symptoms of SLE Lupus to see if you relate to any of them. You are the right age and sex for onset, however, you really don't complain of any symptoms that are considered to be diagnostic criteria, but I know that people don't always think that that facial rash that comes and goes or those mouth sores that really don't bother them too much mean anything when in fact they are signs of lupus. My brother used to get physically sick like you do from sun exposure and I suspect he had Lupus or a similar auto immune disease (as they can run in families and he had other symptoms) but he passed away (from another cause) before he was tested. It would also explain why your neurologist is not helpful with this issue. If you read up on it and feel it is a possibility, either talk to your primary about it or see a rheumatologist and get evaluated and tested. The thing to focus on initially would be the ANA and inflammatory markers. Of course this could be dozens of other things too. I hope it's not lupus and I hope you find some answers and relief soon!
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    You sound like you have been through a hell lot and reached here to this point and I know how it feels.
    I myself have been a victim of migraine attacks and it used to trigger to almost anything other than normal fresh air.
    I know how terrible it feels to not be able to experience a different weather, it is indeed a terrible thing to come across.
    I found this treatment which my doctor recommended and told me is a solution and gives instant migraine relief(https://www.doctoroncall.com.my/general-health/instant-migraine-relief).
    While it might not be 100% effective for me personally, it works up to an extent for me
    I hope others can also benefit from these remedies.
    Either way, I wish the best to all of you guys suffering from chronic migraine and any other type and make sure you are stressfree at almost all times.