• 2 months ago

    Question about oxymorphone

    I have been searching the Internet forever and have come up empty handed. I work in a job that drug tests often and have never failed one until a few months ago. And have tested negative since then. They said I was positive for 140ng/ml oxymorphone. But I was only prescribed naproxen, abilify, prazosin, Zoloft, vitamin b2 and Lamictal. I won't take a Tylenol unless it's given to me by a dr because of these strict drug tests. Can anything I've been given (or all together) give me a false positive?


  • 1 month ago

    RE: Question about oxymorphone

    Hate to say but there are always mix ups at the lab. If ur sure u haven't taken it then demand another test. People make mistakes even in labs. It has happened to me in the past. Also make sure ur name is on the container that their taken from u. It's messed up but it happens. Good luck.