• 6 months ago

    Heel Pain

    Last week I broke the 5th metatarsal bone in my foot. It was wrapped w/a plaster splint & cloth tape. I keep it elevated, iced, and take ibuprofen. Every night while sleeping, a sharp, burning pain begins in my heel and gradually intensifies until I can hardly stand it. It abates in about 15 mins. What is this?! What can I do?


  • 6 months ago

    RE: Heel Pain


    I am sorry you are going through this.

    This would be a great question for the doctor that originally treated you - hopefully either an orthopedic surgeon or podiatrist.

    I pray you find answers and relief soon.

      • 6 months ago
        : I broke the bone in Spain and am still working my way back home to Florida (thanks to Irma), so I'm between doctors right now. Thanks for your good wishes!