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    Feeling bad Headaches

    I feel Bad Headaches from sunday(today is wednesday time - 12:05 AM)

    On Sunday(rainy day) I have short trip(20ml) with my friend when we return my friend turn on the car AC after few minute a got a slide Headaches. So I ignore it. I came back with my Headaches(8:30 pm) I turn my office room ceiling fan(it runs in full speed due to damage regulator/dimmer) ) few hours latter I relies that my Headaches increase I again ignore it. When I went to bed(Monday 3:30am)in another room fan has dimmer I take 1 saridon tablet/pill. I thought that it will stop Headaches. but when I wake up at 8apm Monday(rainy day). I have feel the same Headaches so I try another tablet. then again I sleep. I wake up at 12:30 pm. I feel it decrease my Headaches. so I became happy I turn on my office room fan it will increasing my Headaches so I cover head with a small cap my Headaches stop increasing. after launch(4 pm) I try another tablet then i taking rest on my bed but it did not work my Headaches remain still same. I leave bad at 6:30 pm cme to my office room on fan with cover up my head with cap still my Headaches remain same. I wend to sleep on Tuesday(3:30 pm) then I take saridon tablet with in 2 hrs my Headaches completely gone. I wake up fresh on Tuesday

    I start working normally but after few hrs lunch I feel again Headaches I sure that its due to my full speed fan so off the fan. but its not decrease my Headaches so I cover my head. I take shower(9 pm)with normal water. Its quickly increase my Headaches(previously from Saturday i didnot take shower). I go to wash room(Wednesday 12:07 am) remove body waste. Its help to decrease my Headaches quickly I dont know how. after 30 min I feel very better it decrease 80-90% of my Headaches

    My question is normal Headaches or its sign of big problem ??

    How do I get relief from It ??

    I feel it sines 5-6 yrs

    Saridon Tablet/Pill - http://j.mp/2w7KbzO

    Sorry for my long post & bad English its not my language



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    RE: Headaches


    I am sorry you are going through this.

    You really need to discuss all this with your doctor for an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plan.

    I pray you find answers and relief soon.

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    RE: Headaches

    Headache Have two types of Caues
    2=Vascular casues
    in this article headache with fan and car ac like i think cold or tension
    or travel
    headache link = www.amirhealthcare.com/headache-sir-dard-causes-and-treatment-ilaj-in-pashto-health-care/
    Migraine Headache = It is an episodic headache, which is usually unilateral (on one side of head) and associated with vomiting and visual disturbance.Precipitating factors (aggravating factors)
    Migraine Headache link=www.amirhealthcare.com/migraine-headache/