• over 1 year ago

    Car accident

    I was in rear end car accident suffered whiplash a snapped arm and my rib pushed forward as well as knuckled spine. I'm 27 and everything is internal. Any pain killer remedies. I went home and never seen a doctor cause of expenses. Her Insurance could not recommend hospital and only offered 750$.


  • 27 days ago

    RE: Car accident

    ugh, dude, I'm sorry about you, however trust me, I had almost the same situation. Personally, I was in a taxi when an accident happened. I've broken my leg, but my sister her arm. I was scared about the fact, that a drink driver had crashed into the our taxi car. The first thing the driver said after the accident was that everything will be ok, because he uses a taxi insurance, and you know what? The driver's insurance had covered all the expenses of our treatment, really, because, as it turned out, he used services of this company https://www.total-insurance.co.uk/taxi-insurance/private-hire-taxi-insurance/ and it wasn't the first time that driver had such cases
  • 19 days ago

    RE: Car accident

    You have no insurance? I would hire a lawyer but first hire a chiropractor who can work out the $ with you, possibly on a "lien" basis for payment. DO NOT go to a lawyer first, since he will send you to his "hack" chiro who he has a working business relationship with. Most of these DC's are NOT COMPETENT, and focus on money more than patient care, IMO.

    You are not required to take the other ins. co's offer. If you're new at this, DC -> Lawyer.