• 4 months ago

    Help for massive UTI pain?

    I've been in a lot of terrible pain and discomfort due to a urinary tract infection for quite some time. I'm banking on almost two months now. I went to the emergency room when cranberry juice wasn't cutting it. I did their urine test, which they found high levels of glucose in and I was diagnosed with diabetes which sucked, but I'm currently learning to manage that.

    About four or five days after that trip, I was called with full results from my urine sample and it was a confirmed UTI. So they gave me three days worth of antibiotics for it, and that didn't seem to work.

    To follow up from the ER, I had seen another doctor who prescribed me more antibiotics for ten days, where I take one tablet every 12 hours. I'm doing that but the pain only seems to get worse some days. I drink nothing but water, cut out all bladder irritants, and its still crippling pain and I'm not sure what to do. Heating pads only work so long, ibuprofen doesn't seem to touch it, and AZO Urinary Pain Relief doesn't seem to help as much as it should. Anywhere I've read about the antibiotics say they should help within 2-3 days or taking them but I've had no luck.

    Does anyone have any ideas?