• 4 months ago

    It's all over the place!

    New to this but wanted to be in a group where others may or may not feel my pain. I have R.A.. I'm on shots I give myself twice a month for the stabbing finger pains, the back aches that are constant and just over all uncomfortable. I'm a person who can't sit down because I've been told since childhood that I'm just very sensitive to pain. Since childhood I've had close to 20 surgerys. Yup! I'm just sensitive to aim.


  • 3 months ago

    RE: It's all over the place!

    Wow that sounds awful, I'm so sorry. Nothing quite like having people question your pain. My sister has RA and does the humera shots. She's
    young, but she's remained positive and she's a brave girl. I you're having a "good" week, if you know what I mean. Take care.

  • 3 months ago

    RE: It's all over the place!

    Hello and welcome.

    You can read my biography by clicking on my user name. I have managed moderate to severe chronic pain due to severe osteoarthritis and spinal issues for over 40 years. I had surgery in 2015 to replace both hips - my right in June and left in November. I am thrilled with the results and my hips are the only part of my body that does not hurt. ♥

    The past few days have been really bad as we have had lots of thunderstorms in our area. Rain and humidity raise my chronic pain levels quite a bit. My wonderful wife had a serious back injury at work in 2011 and finally settled her workman's compensation claim and started Social Security Disabily payments in 2014. I had to stop working in May 2008 and started SSDI payments in December of that year. Maintaining our home is difficult for us, but your young adult sons live with us and help a great deal. I can only do one, maybe two tasks per day such as loading and running the dishwasher or sweeping and dusting. This morning we went grocery shopping and that is one of the worst things for both of us. Now I am relaxing in my life recliner chair and recovering from this morning's activity. I do most of our family's cooking and try to keep our meals as simple and healthy as possible. Admittedly, there are days when we order in and that is not good for the budget but have no choice sometimes. I work to keep my attitude positive by relying on my faith and family.

    I was on insulin for my Type 2 Diabetes for about 6 months in 2014. I lost weight by proper diet and as much activity as I could do and was able to stop the insulin shots by the end of that year.

    There are several regular members here who understand and are willing and able to offer support.