• 7 months ago

    Mystery pain

    this is go on 10 months. so at work one day got this burning sensation left side off ribs and pain. work true it by the end off the day eased a lot so i said see what im like tomorrow. still there so just though it was muscle injury i won lift anything. had it for a week going and coming. got a massage on my back and side no signs of a injury physo said. about 2 weeks later same thing again for 3 days. so i was wondering maybe too much red meat im eating cut down on that. again pain gone . i think 3 weeks later same thing again but no real burning but alot of pain but now it seems to move around under armpit heart area bit of left side off back. went to doctor got bloods test and urine all clear. dosnt know what it is. so i said could it be food related i told him what i eat he said i dont think its food. so i stoped eating red meat anyway. had no pain for month maybe im on to something but sadly no i woke up one night unreal pain left side also pulsating feeling under heart bit more to left short breath felt like i was going to pass out. the thing with me is i try to push pain out of my mind so i went true it and finally it eased and fail asleep. woke up it was gone bit of discomfort. so after that about 3 weeks later i only got tiny pain now and again. so last sunday morning got the pain again it woke me up but was different and in middle of chest lasted about 3 hours and same thing happened monday morning rang the doctor but there was only one working so sent me ambulance got blood and urine done and all clear doctor said same its a mystery. im from ireland so i thought id share to see anyone ever come across this. when it happens its pain discomfort berating not best maybe headache random area left side sometimes all left side i rarely drink alcohol i m trying to give up cigarettes dont smoke much. overall feel healthy.