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    Pain in my rear from prolonged lying

    I am a 32 year old Female. I have a very active job where I am moving all day, commuting to multiple places via walking and the subway, and then I usually workout (either go to the gym/elliptical or go on a really long walk) at least 3-4 days of the week. When I am working out I do not experience any pain. However, I find with prolonged lying down, such when maybe it is a long weekend or a day where I got out of work early, I start to develop this deep pain in my rear. It is usually worse when lying on my back or on my affected side (usually the right). When I have the pain it is really bad and keeps me up tossing and turning all night since I cannot get comfortable. Also, do to me trying to stay off the affected side, it usually then causes my other hip to become painful from constantly being on that one. This has been a chronic problem that I have had on and off for multiple years. I had an MRI done about a year ago, but was not currently in a flare-up at the time. The MRI just said that it saw some mild hamstring tendinosus and pincer-type femoral acetabular impingement. I have gone to PT before in the past for the hamstring issue but did not find it helpful and like I previously mentioned, it does not bother me with exercise. Has anyone experienced this or think they know what might be causing it? When I went to a hip doctor a year ago, he kind of looked at me like I was making up these symptoms because they were not possible.


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    RE: Pain in my rear from prolonged lying

    How old is your mattress? You may need a new one.
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    RE: Pain in my rear from prolonged lying

    I am a 86 year old female. Over years of discomfort in right leg in the groin area an MRI determined there is a narrowing of the ischiofemoral space with focal edema in the quadratus femoras muscle. This is in the area of the lesser trochanter and the femoral connection. There are many muscles involved. I have had various physical therapy techniques, chiropractic and medical consultations to no avail. I have read one MD in Florida who refers to this as a "pain in the butt" This is an accurate description!