• 1 month ago

    Perocets and dea

    Its funny perocets have been around to help people in pain . Just like the years that heroin and cocaine until our government and dea decided it's not good for people .granted heroin and cocaine is really messed up .the problem is our government really dont know squat about nothing. It's funny there was a picture of our president with Osama bin laden, not counting he was in our CIA. Anyway the reason I believe the dea is coming down hard on perocets is because its easier then trying to stop marijuana, heroin, and cocaine coming in to the country. It makes them look important and all they are are assholes with a badge .reminds me of that cartoon with the horse that was sheriff and the dog that was the deputy. What a joke ,doctors go through alot of school compared to a dea agent. It's a joke and personality the dea can kiss my white ass and I'm sure there are alot of people that agree with this opinion.


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    RE: Perocets and dea

    to bring out of total symbiosis patient male female must take decamiacin 10 meds one methaphiladone bomaprhine chrystals this person has been in contact with known user s of periadone 17 and must be put in the care of her mate or husband only dr of medicine danny michael ruttalbertsons
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    RE: Perocets and dea

    Well, I'm not sure if it really matters why they do or don't do things. The only things the government really cares about are money & power. And it's kind of B.S. that the government claims they care about the lives lost. I did a little research: Last year, there were 480,00 tobacco related deaths, 88,000 alcohol related deaths, and roughly 47,000 opioid related deaths. But the government earned over $250 billion from tobacco taxes, earned over $9.9 billion from alcohol, and it COST the government over $37 billion because of the "opioid crisis".