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  • 2 months ago

    Stomach Pain after eating.

    Every time I eat I get a dull aching in my abdomen, it's been happening consistently for 8 days now, I'm not constipated and I'm not eating anything I didn't normally eat before the pain. But I can always count on it to come right after I eat. Any ideas?
  • 1 month ago

    Is there a law about getting pain meds prescribed?

    Would anyone be willing to tell me how the heck you get Oxycontin or Oxeycodene any type of pain medicines strong enough to be prescribed to you?I went to a pain management specialist he gave me a drug test and said i was there to early for my pain?What if your in pain how do you get to a doctor to early?I gotta go through mths of rehab to see if i am in pain???Really does everyone have to do this at pain management doctors?Is this the protocol to get relief form severe pain??I need surgery to see....
  • 2 days ago

    Chronic neck and back pain. Hoping to get some answers

    My name is Nick, I am 25 years old and for the past 2 years I have been living with chronic neck and back pain. It began when I was carrying heavy backpack in the mountains for months at a time. When I arrived back home, my pain was present but it was not as intense as it is now. I also began working immediately in a job where i was standing or sitting still, and my neck was always looking down. Moreover, I have been going to school which doesn't help the situation either. I have had X-rays and....
  • 8 days ago

    Sarcoidosis and chronic pain

    In January 2012 I went to my doctor because I wasn't feeling well they took an xray and said that they saw spots on the lungs and said that I had pneumonia. I had a biopsy done on my lymph nodes and I was hospitalized for my pneumonia and then the results came back and I was told that I had sarcoidosis and that not only was it in my lungs it was in my kidneys liver lymph nodes spine. I was starting to have pain increasing along my back legs feet chest arms so I went through a bunch of testing....
  • "Crying in pain"

    I have been diagnosed with CRPS 17 years ago when I have had 9 back surgeries in less than 2 years, the first one damaged the nerves to my left leg. Now my whole left side of my body. I have been legally disabled for the pass 4 years due to the CRPS. I have tried the spinal cord stimulator, injections, and the tens over the years with no relief. Now after 17 years of taking breakthrough medicine opidis and at the same time the long acting opidis, my medical insurance has decided to have all the patients....
  • 11 days ago

    Back Surgery

    Hey painloopy, I'm not sure if this will help but most narcos just relieve pain for a while, it's not a cure. I too have had surgery, sciatica, nerve damage, ddd, Neurogenic Bowels and Bladder, and paralysis. Its been 5long years this Fathers Day, it took 6 months to get rehab and then it was to little to late. I have a cage surrounding the disc that they pieced back together, I can feel it scraping the bones when I walk or bend. So I feel your pain. My biggest problem has been Learning to....
  • 11 days ago

    Chronic Severe Back Pain

    I have chronic, severe back pain. I am unable to stand or walk, except for very short periods of time. I had a laminectomy L4,5,S1 in the late eighties. Now I have severe DDD. I have had epidurals and a rizotomy with no relief. Neurosurgeon suggests a fusion, but I know many people with failed fusion, and in more pain than before. Not sure what to try next. Not many options left.
  • 22 days ago

    Pain from crushed vertebra and pain

    I would love to be pain free but due to a motor cycle accident I don't get that right now. I was in a motor cycle accident 2011 I crushed my vertebra t-5 I think [ between my shoulders ] , I fractured my neck which also punched my arterie on the left side of my neck. My neck I numb to the point I feel as if I am choking which triggers my panic attacks and I feel like i'm having a heart attack. My left arm has a plate in it to hold the bone together. and my right foot was broke. They operated....
  • 18 days ago

    Torn Muscle or Tissue from Coughing

    I have previous Injury when My seat belt separated my L shoulder, with a torn armpit muscle, & hyper extended my L Torso muscles. I was slammed towards the passenger side of vehicle. Now My Q? I spent the last three weeks with a chest cold, lots of coughing. How serious can I tear something, & what is torn? Just under my left pectoral muscle radiating to sternum going up. Feels like a Broken rib, but its not.
  • 20 days ago

    Liver pain after drinking on NYE

    Some background: I'm a young female (who shouldn't have been drinking, I know) and I don't drink regularly. At all. Maybe a glass of wine on special occasions, and last summer I only got a little out of control twice. So on New Years Eve, I went to my friend's house and drank one of those tiny bottles of vodka and a bunch of beer. I got pretty drunk. The next day, immediately I felt dehydrated, so I drank some water and felt better. The rest of the day, however, I felt this dull ache....