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  • 52 minutes ago

    Thoracic Outlet Syndrome-pinched nerve

    I experienced a "pinched nerve recently. I had foot surgery and was incapacited with a foot cast. To get around I was given crutches and had used the crutches for 2 months before I graduated to the walking boot. Due to the cast, the uncomfortable posture, and sleeping in bed with a huge cast, my spine and whole body was mis-aligned. I first went to a chiropractor who manipulated and adjusted me into proper alignment. But I was having numbness in my left arm all the way down to the ring finger....
  • 10 hours ago

    Wanted some ideas before I see my doctor

    Hi, never used this site before. Can't see my doctor for another week so wanted to get some ideas now incase I should go to the emergancy room or anything. So about 4 days ago at 2AM I woke up needing to use the restroom. I went to the bathroom and started peeing, within seconds I had cold chills up my body and my stomach feeling like it wanted to puke. Before I could react I suddenly opened my eyes to be laying on the floor of the bathtoom feeling like I fainted or blacked out. I got up still....
  • 11 hours ago

    Headaches in morning

    Im 15 and i have had headaches in the morning since the last three days they start at 8 and end at 10. Its always in the top of my right eye and one the right side of my head. Possible causes :- 1) I usually dont take breakfast in morning and eat at 10 however the headaches never happened before so i dont think this is the reason 2) I recently was sick and still have a small stuffy nose. 3) This is what im scared of as i think it may even be a brain tumour but i have yet not suffered from any other....
  • 11 hours ago

    Hit my leg

    I hit my shin today, and it is now hurting when i put pressure on it and it has multiple knots. I know its not broken, I just need help. It hurts bad.
  • 19 hours ago

    Pain Medication Question

    I've been suffering from chronic prostatitis for couple of years now. I've seen many doctors in the States but haven't had much success regarding the daily pain. When I was traveling abroad recently, I decided to see a urologist there to see if anything different could be done for me. The doctor gave me a 30-day prescription for 2 medications: acetaminophen & tramadol. I learned that acetaminophen is the chemical name for Tylenol, but in the country I was in, a much stronger version....
  • 2 days ago

    Living Abroad and Radiating Chest Pain

    I am a 19 yo female. I have (mild) asthma and allergies. I take birth control, a steroid inhaler, an allergy pill, and nasal spray. I have an average weight, and I walk a few miles everyday and do yoga once in a while. One night in November, I suddenly got severe chest pains on my left side. They stopped after a few minutes. A few weeks later, I had a cardiologist appt and the cardiologist said I have a healthy heart with a few premature heart beats. But it wasn't even close to the level they....
  • Need new pain Dr in TN ASAP

    I've been in pain mngmt 17 yrs going to same Dr the last 4-5 yrs & she's closed her doors so need new Dr to continue writing my scripts in Nashville TN b4 3/24/17 when I run outta meds. I've been going every 28 days & received 28 day supply meds. I've been cut but currently I'm on 30mg oxymorphone 2 x day, 30mg oxycodone 4 x day, tizanidine 4mg 1-2 tabs 2 x day, lidocaine cream as needed 2 jars monthly. I have all records, imaging reports, letters from surgeons that my....
  • 2 days ago

    Injured at work.....herniated disk

    I was injured at my work on 12-19-2016. I had a MRI done on 12-22-16 and these were the results: Narrative Procedure: MRI SPINE LUMBAR WO CONTRAST (72148) Indication: Twisting injury to low back. Acute low back pain with numbness of right lower extremity. Tingling to left lower extremity. Technique: Multisequence, multiplanar MRI of the lumbar spine without IV contrast. Comparison: None Findings: Numbering assumes 5 lumbar type vertebrae. There is normal alignment without evidence of acute fracture....
  • 2 days ago

    Feet pain ( cant stand at work)

    I am sort of at a loss for what to try next, I am a 5'9 26 year old Male, who weighs about 165. I am in decent shape and go in and out of spurts of eating great and doing lots of exercise. A few years ago when I hit an all time high @185 with like no muscle at all, I started having problems standing at work. I used to work some 12 hour shifts 1-3x a week. Then I started having tons of foot pain after a few hours. I've tried many different shoes and insole types, ive gone to a specialty place....
  • 3 days ago

    Back pain, please help

    My partner has a bad back and has been in pain since last may. It started as a spasm which we thought would go, we ended up in A&E and they sent him away with pain killers and advice to ice the area. He works at a hospital as an occupational therapist and has been seeing one of the physiotherapists in his department. He had an MRI which showed no bulging or slipped discs but has continued to be in a lot of pain. He had a few months off work while waiting for an MRI at their request because his....