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  • 2 hours ago


    I'm going to see a specialist tomorrow to get a diagnosis, but I think sciatica is what I have. I've tried back exercizes, prednisone, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, naprocin, lyrica, gabapenton. I hope there's something to relieve the pain, because it's getting harder and harder to make it through the work day. The only thing that helps now is to lie flat. I come home & go straight to bed. I can't take walks in the woods or even stand up in the kitchen & cook, let alone clean....
  • 3 hours ago

    Chronic Pain Nightmare

    I'm in need of some insight, thoughts, ideas or pretty much anything at this point. I can't take it anymore. I'm an Expat living in Japan. We have socialized health care, so I can go to a wide range of clinics, pharmacies, and hospitals for a hell of a lot lower price than if I were back in the States. But I feel like the service is terrible and the doctors more-a-less make me feel like they just want you to keep coming back for months and months, rather than fix the problem as quickly....
  • 4 hours ago

    Pain in sternum area follow by gas

    I’m having very sharp flares of pain in my sternum area just at the diaphragm and the pain is followed by very extreme gas, and the pain ceases for a brief moment, then it comes back and I have gas again, the pain in my chest hurts very bad when I take deep breaths and only eases after release of gas. The pain ONLY goes away after gas release and only stays in my sternum area. HELP
  • 14 hours ago

    Trigeminal Neuralgia

    I am suffering with chronic pain and being prescribed Lyrica 100mg twice a day and Ibprofen 300mg three times a day but am still in pain. Could i increase any of these to give me more relief.
  • Chronic Illness Awareness and Advocacy Coalition

    This is on faceBook need help and petitions , new Laws that are hurting all? Please come Join us ? Love to have you ! Love Web Md. been here a long time with a time out very hard to sit tailbone , leg on fire ! !995 I think I was the back pain one I was back49 Thank You renee' steiger be nice to have all of you ,that you are not getting the Chronic Illness Awareness and Advocacy Coalitions help you need the new Laws are hurting all of us !

  • 23 hours ago

    TO HELP WITH Chronic Illness Awareness and Advocacy Coalition

    Chronic Illness Awareness and Advocacy Coalition 134 Members Robyn Michalecki's photo.
  • 1 day ago

    breastbone pain caused by toddler kicking it

    I am male and 39 years old. I am about 30 pounds overweight Early September this year my toddler daughter kicked me in the chest 2-3 times at the store when I was holding her. She kicked me around the middle and the middle sides of my chest. Also I think she kicked me in the upper middle and upper middle sides of my chest too. After a week My chest pain died down. After a a couple weeks my chest pain was gone. I went to urgent care one week after I was kicked in the chest. My chest was not hurting....
  • 1 day ago

    New pain

    19 years. Scale 1-10. 10 critical pain go to ER pain. Years I spent at a 5-6 daily. Suddenly two years ago I found myself at 8-9 no one listened, no one. Until a new doctor in the same office says, "let's get a CT scan. As it turns out two more discs were blown to hell. When people saw the scan kept asking me how I was still walking. (Thank the heavens for Doctor Megan A Bhave)
  • 2 days ago

    Is the VA treating me right?

    I've had back issues since the early 90's. In the early 2000's I started having issues with my hands. 2010 my legs started giving me issues. I previously had private medical insurance but in 2010 I had to go to the VA for the 1st time. After 2 years I changed to another facility. Early 2016 I was having serious issues with pain in my left leg and groin and mobility was becoming limited. Early 2017 I had 'decompression' surgery of L1-3 and was told L4-5 had become 'calcified'....
  • 2 days ago

    Sprained Ankle

    Back in September, I was walking on uneven ground and tripped. My left ankle twisted all the way backwards before I landed on it, making matters worse. It was excruciatingly painful and I spent about the next ten minutes flat on the ground before the pain just flat out disappeared. At first I thought that I'd just misinterpreted how bad I'd actually hurt it, so I got up and continued on my walk, which was a bad idea because after about thirty minutes, the pain kept slowly creeping back up....