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  • 3 hours ago

    Leg pain from ankle to buttock in right leg

    My girlfriend has pain in her right leg. She says its from her ankle all the way up to her buttock, and it causes her lower back pain. She doesn't feel pain when walking at a medium pace, but when walking slow, sitting, or laying down she feels it the most. Her leg pops out of place sometimes, but the pain started before that started happening. She has been going to physical therapy for about 2 months and the pain has not shown any signs of going away. The doctor told her that her tendons are....
  • Lumbar MRI — lesion-can’t identify

    Hello, I got an MRI this evening and there is a spot, lesion, marking or whatnot that I can’t identify or find online on any other MRI pictures. I’m not getting it read till Monday. Does anyone know what that is??? Please tell me if you have any info it would be greatly appreciated. Pics are same spot different cuts/angles.

  • 1 day ago

    Needle like pain in the top-left part of chest

    hi. I am having a needle like pain in the top-left part of my chest. I am 19, male. I first experienced this pain about 6 months ago and it used to occur once about a month. Now, the frequency has increased and i am having the pain almost continuously. I had an xray of the chest, an ECG ( not on treadmill, just while lying down) and a hemogram. Everything turned out "ok" and i was given mild painkillers for 5 days. But the fact remains that the pain is there and i am starting to get needle....
  • 1 day ago

    Low back pain on prolonged sitting

    I'm 21 years old. I have had scoliosis surgery at upper lumbar region 8 years ago. I didn't feel any problem after that. But recently, like for 2 weeks I'm having low back pain when I sit for a hour and I feel for an urge to lie down. My Xray report says lordotic curve distortion due to muscle spasm. Is it a severe condition? I'm worried about it a lot. Thanks in advance
  • Knock knees, or something else?

    Hello. I've recently discovered that my knees appear to be somewhat oddly shaped. I only started to noticed after developing some knee and ankle pain, mostly on my left side. It appears that the knees stick out quite a bit on the inside like a bump. I also do have long, skinny feet. I'm 26, and my parents never mentioned my doctors diagnosing me with knock knees or anything when I was a child. I'm about to start physical therapy for my knee pain and some back pain I've been having....

  • 2 days ago

    Had a tooth removed, can I use a pain relief patch instead of gulping down pain pills?

    To make this short and non-rambly : I got a problem tooth of mine removed on Monday with no problems. However, 1 - I am NOT keen on taking medicine in general 2 - I have difficulty gulping down a pill or tablet under normal circumstances (how the heck can someone do it post-tooth-removal!?) I usually end up smashing the pain relieving pill into tiny bits, mixing it into a shot glass with a drink, and gulping it down that way (super 'yuck!' by the way) 3 - the dentist did prescribe some pain....
  • 2 days ago

    How many days can you safely take ibuprofen?

    I've been taking 1 to 4 pills a day for 8 days.
  • 2 days ago

    Think I may have scoliosis...

    I’ve lately been having unbearable back pain, and nothing helps. I’ve tried icy hot, Tylenol, and heating pads. I can’t even sit up straight anymore. I looked up symptoms of scoliosis out of curiousity and kind of think it’s a match. One of my legs is longer than the other, one of my hips is higher than the other, and one of shoulders is higher than the other. My back kind of does that caving in thing. Thoughts? I think I may just be paranoid. The picture is of my back.

  • 3 days ago

    Post Polio Syndrome

    Hi I contracted polio in 1959 in my right leg from the knee down, had my calf muscle replaced with a muscle from the front part of my leg to pull my foot down. My toes were touching my shin, I think this what they called a club foot? Any way, now my left leg is having pain and tightness, my Dr. thinks it's LCL ( lateral collateral ligament) damage. Could this by chance be PPS even though it's affecting the left leg and not my right leg that had polio degeneration ?
  • 5 days ago

    Dealing With Pain and New Laws

    I am 55 and well I was a guinea pig for Dr.s in my late 30's. My back at 35 was starting to really bother me so I saw a Neurologist and was informed I had Spinal Bifida ( Occulta) but not the nice one. He submitted for me to have surgery but they wanted to wait. At this time I had a bone growing on to my tailbone and it was trying to act like the joint that was above it when you bend over. Now I am 55 and around 44 I still was having so many problems with back and knee's. MRI showed from....