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    Super Keto That is the imperative thing. The best Get-healthy plan ought to advance solid Weight reduction. It won't permit to have the capacity to get more fit excessively quick and continuing let your body get profoundly compelling public statement supplements it should work consistently. This program won't enable you to wind up hungry, you'll swear you are on adhering to your eating regimen at a great deal of. At the point when appear at the gauging scale and investigate the vehicle....
  • cured of 30yr back pain without surgery

    I am really sorry that so many people are suffering from back pain. I have been there. It took me 30 years to become pain free without drug or surgery. Solution is simple: inversion table. This many not work for everyone but worked for m. And I want to go to the mountain top and shout to the world: At least give it a try. It does not cost much ($100.00 --$300.00) and does not take much time – a few minutes every morning until you get cured. Most of the chronic back pain is caused because the nerves....
  • 1 day ago

    RX Pain Medications

    Is anyone doing anything to help chronic pain patients deal with the new DEA guidlines physicians must follow to treat their patients? It’s slowly killing me being in this much pain constantly with no relief and all my doctor can tell me is they have to lower the pain medications I’m on and have been taking for years to deal with chronic pain. I feel hopeless and just want some quality of life back.
  • 1 day ago

    OTC medicine does not work for my headaches

    hello! i've had problems with having headaches/migraines for a long time now. i get them multiple times per week. i have not seen a doctor yet, but i've tried managing my pain with OTC medicine such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen, aleve, advil, and now excedrin migraine. i don't take all of those at once, but i've switched between all of those medicines because i'll take them and then each of them will stop working for my pain so i try switching to another. should i go see a doctor....
  • 1 day ago

    Femara or Clomid ! Which one is better?

    I really don't know which one is best in term of low side effects low cost, and easy to use. There are various brands available but what should be the prefered choice Clomid Femara
  • 2 days ago

    What is going on with my wrists?

    (Actual question in paragraph 2) As an overview, I've added some of my other joint related issues (if they could some how be related): - Nine times out of ten, when I move my neck at all it cracks to the point where I must crack it constantly to avoid my stiff neck. (It cracks so much I've genuinely been asked if I just broke my neck) - In general, my knuckles, knees, elbows, shoulders, etc. are very stiff and will sometimes have dull pain until I manage to crack them - Stiff and tense back....
  • Ulnar Nerve Pain

    I severed my left ulnar nerve at the elbow. I was a walking when struck from the rear by a vehicle. My left arm elbow went thru the windshield. Major tissue damage, blood loss, shock, and emergency surgery to save my arm. The ulnar nerve was reconnected but not functional. Scale 5 pain 24/7 and spikes of scale 8-9 lasting weaks. Nothing helps with pain caused by a nerve! Suggestions?
  • 2 days ago

    chronic back pain

    chronic back pain for the past 15 yrs with every conceivable treatment experienced. the only thing that seems to help is hydrocodone, taken very sparingly. even pain management doctors don't want to prescribe it, they treat you like you are an addict. they prefer to keep giving you the steroid injections near the spine even though these have not been effective, but they are, however, much more profitable for the clinic. now trying cbd oil, they just legalized medical in mo. they expect it to....
  • 2 days ago

    2 back surgery s that almost worked

    My pain management Doctor suggested shots in my lower back plus rehab , or lower spinal fusion . My pain is straight across the bottom of my back .I was hoping for someone to talk to who has had back fusion on l1 and up .
  • 2 days ago

    Lower back Surgery

    Has anyone had spacers put in between there lower vertebrae from having a compressed spine ???