• 3 months ago

    Fragility fractures with osteoporosis

    I am 29 and have severe osteoporosis caused by chronic anorexia Nervosa. Just in the past two months I have fractured 2 vertebrae and 2 ribs, plus other older fractures. But it’s getting worse. One fracture was from trying to pick up a toddler, and the most recent rib I broke by leaning gently on my kitchen counter. My body is crumbling for no reason. I’m scared to do anything anymore. I know I’ll just keep breaking bones. I’m starting nursing school but I can’t have my bones snapping there so I can’t, can I? And they say exercise helps, but couldn’t weights or running or a ballet class break more bones? Any feedback would be appreciated. This seems hopeless, I’m only 29!


  • 2 months ago

    RE: Fragility fractures with osteoporosis

    It sounds like you want your future, which is awesome :) I assume you are under lots of good medical care for complications of the anorexia? Honestly, my suggestion is to create yourself a team -- primary medical, maybe endocrinology, psychologist, maybe psychiatrist if that seems appropriate, physical therapist -- hopeless it is not but you need a great team!