• 1 month ago

    Upset about the diagnosis of osteoporosis

    I just turned 72. Until last year, my bone density tests revealed osteopenia. Last year for the first time it revealed age related osteoporosis with some bone loss in my left hip...but not in my spine or right hip. My doctor wanted me to start on Boniva, but I decided to wait until my next test, which is coming up this Saturday. I am generally in good physical health. I am thin, exercise regularly and lead an active life style. I have decided that if the next test shows additional bone loss, I will start taking one of the recommended medications. Would like to hear from people who had had experiences with these meds. Thanks.


  • 1 month ago

    RE: Upset about the diagnosis of osteoporosis

    Take the medicine. You won't recoup any bone lost and can maintain and strengthen what you have. It doesn't matter the scores in your right hip or spine. Diagnosis is given upon the lowest score. With the medication, be sure to consume 1200 mg of calcium taken in 600 mg increments. The medication won't work effectively without this. Get a supplement with Vit D and it sends the calcium to the bone.

    As for exercise. Walking is best - no running. No bending forward at the spine (toe touches, crunches, etc) and no side to side twisting of the spine. These weaken the small bones in the spine that cause minute fractures that you can't feel - until the last one in a vertebra breaks, then you have a no do-over compression fracture.

    As I tell everyone - go to the NOF website (www.nof.org) for the most reliable and up to date info on osteoporosis. They have very good sections on medication comparisons, body mechanics and diet. Also one on "natural cures."