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    RE: Is it safe to get pregnant with osteoporosis?

    Hello, I am a 22 year old female with the same condition and a T-score of -3.3. I was diagnosed back in February of 2018 and I have had the same question ever since, however none of the doctors I've been to seem to know. If you happen to come across the answer, I would also like to know.
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    RE: Is it safe to get pregnant with osteoporosis?

    At 29, you'd look at z-scores, not T-scores, but with your numbers, the Z-score won't be much better. Why did you have a bone density test? Diagnosing someone your age is tricky because true bone loss would most likely be due to an underlying condition. Ex: ulcerative colitis or some other inflammatory illness that necessitated long term prednisone treatment. Most people your age test low because they haven't formed all the bone they'll eventually have.

    As for pregnancy....No way will I say yes or no. I will say that if you truly have weak and porous bones, being pregnant AND raising a child will greatly increase your risk of having a life altering fracture. Also osteoporosis medications are not recommended for women considering pregnancy. No data that I'm aware of, is known for birth defects.

    All in all, I'd say talk to an osteoporosis expert about this, verify that you truly have osteoporosis (although that diagnosis isn't given to women who haven't gone through menopause) and, if it's so, consider another route to having children.

    If you do have children, I'd strongly suggest that you have some physical therapy for balance and ADL's (activities of daily living.) You'll need to know what movements to avoid and to do. For instance - even now - NEVER bend forward at the waist or side to side twisting of the spine. If you pick up anything more than 10 lbs, hold it close to your chest. Wear a backup instead of carrying a purse - this naturally aligns the spine and leaves the hands free to break a fall and hopefully avoid breaking a hip.

    Go to the NOF website - national osteoporosis foundation -, for a lot of good information.

    I hope what little I've relayed to you is helpful.
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    RE: Is it safe to get pregnant with osteoporosis?

    At the she of 12 I was diagnosed with osteoporosis. I've broken/fractured well over 13 different bones. I feel as if my bones have become rearranged inside to where I'm starting to look as deformed as I feel. Has anyone been diagnosed that young and can share with me how they survived though the pain and challenges this kind of life gives you? With each new injury I become even more discouraged about living a normal life.
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        So sorry to hear this. As I said above, premenopausal women are not given the diagnosis of osteoporosis. If you were diagnosed at age 12, it's most likely due to another condition with osteoporosis as secondary to that - like Rheumatoid Arthritis. You don't say how old you are now, but if you're postmenopausal (either surgical menopause or no period for a year) I'd talk to my doctor about taking Forteo. It's a treatment of 2 year daily injections of the parathyroid hormone. To date, it's the only drug that actually grows new bone. After 2 years, you'd go on a drug like Boniva, Prolia, Fosamax or Actonel to strengthen the new bone.

        So much to say.....if you are unaware or haven't been tested for a primary cause of bone loss, that should be done. Until that issue is addressed, you're putting a band aid on the osteoporosis.

        Also it is critical that you consume 1200 mg of calcium each day. Because the body only consumes 600 mg at a time, do this twice a day. Read your labels carefully. The dose on some supplements is 2 pills (calcium citrates) or 1 pill for calcium carbonate. There is no good or bad calcium. Higher cost or health food store isn't any more effective than Tums. Get a supplement with Vit D. Best absorbed with food. I take mine at lunch and supper.

        With a fracture history it is very important that you avoid falls, never bend forward at the waist or twist side to side. Best exercise for you is walking. At least 30 minutes 3x/day. No sports. Also wearing a backpack would be good so that your hands are freed up in case of falls.

        I'd recommend you go to the NOF website ( for illustrations on body movements to do and avoid. A wealth of information for you. Also a good Q&A section.