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    My mom is 78, has had osteo for 20+ yrs. She takes D3 & calcium & tests have been o.k but last year it show great loss. She saw an Endocrinologist & she wants her to go on Prolia (says she is at VERY high risk of fracture). She is very afraid of the side affects. When she was first diagnosed she went on one of the daily Rx but stopped because of side affects. It is so hard to decide what to do? I would love to hear from anyone good or bad that have taken it.


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    If your mom is at high risk for fracture and her doctor wants her to take a medication, take it. The resulting life altering effects of a fracture are much much worse than any possible side effect she'd have from an RX. Prolia is a good medication. All the osteo drugs are. Sometimes you just have to try more than one to get a good fit. Go on the National Osteoporosis Foundation website, www.nor.org, for a lot of information on and comparison of all the available drugs. There's also an excellent Q&A section. Don't be afraid. Once you fracture, there are no do-overs.