• 10 months ago

    Comfy shoes for borderline osteoporosis

    I just want to share about some fabulous shoes I found for serious walking, even with my borderline osteoporosis. My last Tcell count was -2.5. I am age 64 and weigh 115lbs. I had 3 metatarsal stress fractures (both feet involved) in the 4 years leading up to this diagnosis, each episode caused just by walking too many hours in the mall or on pavement in medium-supportive shoes (Skechers and others).

    I was scared to death to go on an 8-day London vacation this past June, which was to include a lot of walking. First I packed my giant orthopedic boot, which took up a third of my suitcase (I didn't want to be shopping for one in London while in extreme pain from a broken foot). Then I tried on an entire store full of women's "walking" shoes, also many other expensive walking shoes in other stores, with and without various inserted arch supports. I didn't find anything any better than my existing walking shoes with added arch support which, while comfortable enough just for standing, always made the metatarsal area of my feet feel dangerously achy-breaky after any serious walking.

    Long story short: the dream shoes I finally found are Hoka One One brand running shoes, their model called Clifton 4. They have the most marshmallow-cushy sole I've ever felt, with a slightly rounded rocker-like bottom surface that prevents the "slap-down" motion of the front part of my foot that happened when I walked in all those other shoes. But most noticeable was the unique amount of extra cushion precisely under my metatarsal bones, that I had felt in no other shoe I tried on. I bought them in a half-size larger than my street shoes, in Wide width that gave my toes plenty of room to stretch out side to side and up and down. I laced them very loose over the metatarsal area, and tight at the top to prevent slipping on the heel. The shoestrings stayed loose and tight where I needed them to. I walked my legs off in London, and felt like I was bounding along the whole time. At the end of a day, my leg muscles were sore from more walking than I'm used to, but my actual feet were not sore at all. And that has NEVER happened to me. These shoes are literally worth their weight in gold!

    So if you're in my boat, I recommend looking in shoe stores dedicated to serious runners. I've read there are other runners' brands now offering the same sort of extra cushion and rocker motion.