• 9 months ago

    Dead muscles, originally bone dislocation.

    Hi, I am posting in great hope that a specialist may be able to help advise me. I have lived with the condition a little less than 5 years now after a motorcycle accident which at the time, only dislocated my left shoulder.
    Now I am a 24 year old male living with a dead left shoulder.
    By dead I mean there is no muscle growth or response in my deltoid muscle, as far as I can tell anyway.
    I can always feel the outer muscles clearly with discomfort which I have grown to live with (collarbone/trapezius muscles being above, and biceps and under working perfectly.. I think.
    After the occurrence the doctors here saw to and tried to help my deteriorating condition of rapidly shrinking muscle mass and loss of strength (Once a month for 6 months; Noticeably expressions of "WTF" on their faces) they told me just to live with it, for the tissue is now useless (rough translation Thai to English), and I wouldn't mind it so much if I didn't feel ashamed at work wearing a suit and still clearly having one arm 1/4th the size of the other.
    Strength in the left arm has recovered some but my right arm has grown much larger to counter-weight the lifting and labor I do on a daily basis. Which is what makes my body look weird and even deformed.
    As for my fitness, I eat well and maintain my ideal body figure for martial arts and try to get checked twice a year.
    Any advancements in medicine that could be suggested, or even just some way to hide my disability would be very greatly appreciated.
    Other than padded clothing please haha...