• 8 months ago

    thoughts On Fosamax!

    My MD told me I have osteoporosis and that he needed to put me on fosamax asap.
    Well I know a few women who take this drug and they have developed some medical problems that seem to be typical side effects for this particular drug. teeth falling out etc I read about them online some are super bad side effects.
    so I told him no thank you ,I am going to attempt to do my bone building the old fashioned way by doing some weight training with barbells for my arms and for my body I am using a weight vest for strengthening my bones nyknyc the diet
    I wont go into it you can look online to see foods good for your bone but cut out smoking if you smoke it is real bad for bones, a no no.
    I dont know if its any indication but I feel really stronger and look great too. I advise my method to everyone : workout with wts and eat a great bone healthy diet, you cant go wrong.


  • 7 months ago

    RE: thoughts On Fosamax!

    At 65yrs old I was told I had osteoporosis and told to go on a biophosphate which I, like you, declined. I have opted to do weight resistance and other ways to build bones. I also am taking algaecal and Vit D 2000IU daily as well as other calcium enriched foods. I will have another dexascan done at 66yrs old to see if there are any changes. Are you taking any supplements along with your weight training?