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    Bone Density Scan

    I am only 35....I was diagnosed with osteopenia at around 23 by a bone density scan....2 months ago I tripped over a suitcase handle and twisted my ankle....Instead of my normal sprain or strain I usually do when I fall, I have poor balance, I snapped my tibia and fibula so bad I need pin, a plate and screws put in and 2 months later I am still non-weight bearing. I had another bone density test and it says I still only have osteopenia. I am now wondering though....Does the scan take in account that at only 35 I have already been through menopause? I am on a medication that I just found out today can cause low bone density and bone fractures? I currently have a severe bone fracture from a minor fall? Is any of this looked at when looking at results of the scan?


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    RE: Bone Density Scan

    Short answer? It should. Depends on the machine, the software and the tech doing the test.

    Why did you have a scan at 23? Your results would've shown osteopenia regardless of your bones' strength because you hadn't reached your maximum bone mass yet. We only do scans on people under 30 if they have an illness that is known to affect bone density.

    Prior fractures, as well as bone thinning medications, family history, prednisone treatment are factored into your final scan results.

    You seem to be concerned that your scan is not showing osteoporosis. That really is irrelevant at this point. Having a nonviolent fracture as you did, gives you a clinical diagnosis of osteoporosis since you've been through menopause. T-scores are only one part of the total picture of your bone health. The weird thing is - more people with T-scores in the osteopenic range (and osteopenia is not a diagnosis, it's a risk factor - big difference when dealing with insurance and medical histories) will fracture than those with T-scores indicating osteoporosis.

    Is your low bone density caused by an illness or condition that you have? Are you on estrogen therapy? Did you have a surgical menopause? What were your T-scores? Osteopenia is having a T-score between -1.1 and -2.4. If your score was in the low range, that's more significant than if it were, say -1.2 which is closer to normal.

    Do you get your scans done at the same place each time? Is the tech certified by ISCD? Ask her to find out. If the techs at your testing place are not certified, go somewhere else for your testing.

    You also need to be taking 1200 mg of calcium each day. Take no more than 600 mg at lunch and supper. The body won't absorb more than that at a time. You also should have your Vit D levels checked if you haven't already.

    Go to the National Osteoporosis Foundation website (www.nof.org) for a lot more information.

    I hope my answer clarifies some of your questions.
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    RE: Bone Density Scan

    You should be under the care of a specialist who can answer your questions. You are too young for these symptoms. They should look at family history. Also, are you taking any of the meds? I've taken most of them and I'm hoping my scan will show that it has not progressed. Best of luck.