• 6 months ago

    I got chondromalacia patella after month of treadmill workout

    Hi my problem starts when I first bought a good high priced treadmill when I started using it felt bit pain in my knees i ignored it

    But then after 1 month felt pain in my back of both knees and also the right knee I couldn't fully stretch it with tiny barley noticeable fluid in the upper part of the knee

    After 2 weeks i decided to check on a doctor after check up he said I have chondromalacia patella

    I don't feel much pain on the right knee unless i take a good walk or climbing long stairs ,the pain in the upper knee where the fluids is with little warmth and sometimes in front knee part ,it get better when I rest or sleep

    But then I did uric acid test turns out my uric is 8 the doctor gave me No uric I have been used it for a week and did the test it dropped to 4.9

    Am really worried if I have a gout even though it's been a month since I got the knee issue , I have been reading about gout and I get very depressed that I might have one . even though it's been month and I didn't feel that intense gout pain that everyone talking about

    Am 26 and my weight is 111 since that happened at least month ago .now with heavy depression my weight is 104 ofcourse am happy with the weight but sad to know I might have gout ):