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  • 8 days ago

    Hip surgery

    In November (mid) I dislocated and fractured my left hip. I had a total replacement, and am wondering how long does the hip pain last? I can feel the cold in the replacement and over all I am doing well, as I can get around house with out cane, but do need it out side. It is just the pain I hate asking my doctor for pain pills, even though I do not take them all the time, I try to take Tylenol first, and some times it works. But other times I need the pain pill, does the pain ever go away??
  • 10 days ago

    Diagnosed with Osteoporosis at 40, now 46. Scared of treatment.

    Hi. I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis (DEXA) at 40. I'm now 46 and did not follow any treatment. Always scared of side-effects of medications and stuff I read on the Internet. Results were: Region, DMO (g/cm2), Adult-Young %, Adult-Young Z-Score L1-L4, 0.817, 67, -3.4 Left Femur, 0.686, 62, -2.9 Left Forearm, 0.868, 87, -1.3 That was 6 years ago. I have not repeated the DEXA exam. During the last 6 years, I started to take Vitamin D supplements, since blood tests showed that I had vitamin D deficiency....
  • 11 days ago

    re: low bone density...from Jane , age 65

    After BrCa treatments for estrogren + in 1997-98, I was treated with many drugs (fosamax, prolia to name a couple) to combat my osteopenia. I exercised, did wt lifts, walking, calcium supplements ...not much improvement. After a vacation from bone building prescription drugs for a couple of years, I was prescribed yet again a new oral drug Actavis-Risedronate Sodium to help my bones as I was 63. After about 5 months of faithfully taking this med, I started to have severe bone/joint pain and was limited....
  • 11 days ago


    I have had osteoporosis for about 10 years was diagnosed after I fractured my spine from trying to keep my mother in law from falling. I lived a healthy lifestyle or at least I thought. However I did learn I was at a greater risk because I had a hysterectomy at the age of 27 due to bleeding problems with my period and went through menopause early. I couldn't take hormones due to risk of breast cancer. But I was at a greater risk because my mom broke both her hips which is something my rheumatologist....
  • 12 days ago

    Upset about the diagnosis of osteoporosis

    I just turned 72. Until last year, my bone density tests revealed osteopenia. Last year for the first time it revealed age related osteoporosis with some bone loss in my left hip...but not in my spine or right hip. My doctor wanted me to start on Boniva, but I decided to wait until my next test, which is coming up this Saturday. I am generally in good physical health. I am thin, exercise regularly and lead an active life style. I have decided that if the next test shows additional bone loss, I will....
  • 12 days ago

    Is it safe to get pregnant with osteoporosis?

    Hi, I'm a 29 yrs old woman with osteoporosis and I was diagnosed at the age of 21. My t-score is -3.4. Is it safe for me to get pregnant with my condition? Will I be able to carry the baby full term?
  • 13 days ago


    At the she of 12 I was diagnosed with osteoporosis. I've broken/fractured well over 13 different bones. I feel as if my bones have become rearranged inside to where I'm starting to look as deformed as I feel. Has anyone been diagnosed that young and can share with me how they survived though the pain and challenges this kind of life gives you? With each new injury I become even more discouraged about living a normal life.
  • 21 days ago


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  • 1 month ago

    Multiple compression fractures

    I have recently been diagnosed with severe osteoporosis with 7 compression vertebral fractures within an eight week period. I am post menopausal but also a long time user of prednisone. I’ve been on Forteo for five weeks. How long does it take to hope for bone strengthening since on this med.
  • 2 months ago

    Looking for cervical spine MRI feedback

    Cervical Spine MRI Results Background: Severe neck pain, numbness in arms and hands, I get what I call neck headaches. I've already had back fusion 360 surgery (in 2010). MRI Results Findings: There is straightening of the normal cervical lordois, which may be seen with positioning or muscle spasm. Modic Type I and Type II endplate changes at C4-C5.  C2-3: No significant findings. C3-4: Disc desiccation with severe disc narrowing. Moderate uncovertebral spurring and mild facet hypertrophy. 2mm....