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  • 11 hours ago

    Dental health related

    I was wondering if you didn't brush your teeth for a couple of years could the teeth and health of people who have used eating utensils with you during this time affect them? I would really appreciate your expertise and answer very much.
  • 3 days ago

    Dental Bridges

    Hey, I want to undergo teeth bridging, as there is a huge gap between my teeth. I want to know more about dental bridges Procedure ( ). Which is the best dental bridge procedure available in Toronto? Is this expensive? Please share your experience.
  • 21 days ago

    worried about tooth extraction site

    so last Friday (6 days ago) I went under to have 2 bottom wisdom teeth removed. by Tuesday morning I was in my dentist with a massive infection from right extraction site. I'm a none smoker or drinker and vigilantly did aftercare so rather upset I'm in this position. immediately started a course of amoxicillin and metronidazole on Tuesday morning (so 3 days in) and appart from throwing up a lot of infection covered mucus and less pain I'm seeing no difference in the size of swelling in....
  • 22 days ago

    Laser periodontal therapy Or Conventional treatment

    Hi every one. I am suffering from Gum disease. I used to keep it untreated. But its high time to treat as its resulting swelling and bleeding. And being diabetic is another big deal I am facing. I was planning to under go conventional treatment for the gum disease. I came to read about Laser periodontal therapy provided by a clinic in Mississauga ( ). An advantage of using laser therapy to treat periodontal disease is that it is antibiotic....
  • 29 days ago

    Tooth Abscess...Treatment working or not working?

    Yesterday I went to the dentist due to a very (very) painful tooth that would not quit throbbing. I was diagnosed with a tooth abscess. After taking two doses of antibiotics (I am taking 500mg of penicillin every 6 hours - 3 doses, thus far), the lump at the back of my tooth had reduced a bit, the throbbing was tolerable, and I had hoped the medication was working. Placebo effect is possible, too, of course. This morning, however, I woke up to find no lump directly above the tooth, but pressure and....
  • 1 month ago

    Saliva build up and difficulty talking

    Hi, so this has been going on for a year and starting to interfere with my daily college life and giving me depression. So my left cheek feels tight and difficult to move and it feels like there’s a lot of saliva built up on the left side. It becomes extremely difficult to talk and speak clearly and I have to put a lot of effort in to get my words out clearly. My left cheek also seems swollen compared to my right cheeck from the inside. Please help!

  • 1 month ago

    Summer Skin - Exfoliation For Smoother, Younger Skin

    In fact, UVA rays are the leading causes of skin aging. However, the points I did mention should be enough to help you find a quality anti aging skin care product. Instead, what you should look out for are such natural ingredients that stimulate the natural production of collagen and elastin in your body. Some things increase the free radicals in your body, for example pollution, smoking, alcohol, fast food and even emotional stress could cause it. According to dermatologists, over-cleaning the face....
  • 1 month ago

    Post Wisdom Teeth Removal

    Hi, I just got my wisdom teeth pulled today and I’m not feeling any pain or anything other than a slight uncomfort because of the missing teeth. I just wanted to know if i could still go to universal tomorrow? There are only 2 roller coaster that are a but more hardcore, I could skip on those if I HAVE to but I don’t feel bad or pain or anything. If I go, would I have to skip on the rollercoasters? Thanks:)
  • 1 month ago

    White growth/sac on gum??

    So about 2 years ago I had a filling fall out of one of my molars that I never addressed. Eventually the tooth died and broke apart a piece at a time, that I would usually spit out while eating. I never thought much of it as there was no pain associated with it. The roots did remain in my gum and my dentist urged me on multiple occasions to have it extracted, which I ignored. The other day I noticed what felt like a kernel of corn in the void where my molar used to be. I happened to notice it the....
  • 2 months ago

    I cant drink cold drinks or even breath

    Whenever i breath my front teeth start killing me its kinda broke and im afraid of going to the dentist what can i do