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  • 1 month ago


    I am terrified of going to the dentist but I know I have to. I’ve waited too long and now my teeth’s are crack and I don’t have any left. I know it will be expensive but does anyone know what can be done? I don’t have dental insurance and I am on a fix income. Help I don’t have chewing teeth’s left. I probably need dentures. Any answers would be a great help.
  • 3 months ago

    Salty Mouth

    For months now, I've had a terrible "salty" mouth. Feels like a salt shaker pored direct on my tongue. My saliva is always salty. Food doesn't taste like anything but salt. I do have gingivitis and was going to dentist regularly until he quit taking my insurance. So I've just not gotten around to finding a dentist in last 6 mos. Does anyone experience this weird "salty" taste in mouth 24-7?
  • 7 months ago


    (Warning: gross asf) Since before i was even a teenager I've had the issue of holding saliva in my mouth. It usually happens when I wake up. I'll barley be awake and the saliva in my mouth has this gross taste to it and theres an excessive amount. And Idk why but i just like collect it in my mouth so it doesn't go anywhere And then spit it out when I get up and along with that I have to cough up mucus in the morning too. This has been my morning routine for years and its miserable. Im....
  • 7 months ago


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  • Swish Swish

    Are there any benefits to using mouthwash. Does it do more than freshen your breath? Is Listerine the best to use. What is the best to use? Should I continue using mouthwash
  • over 1 year ago

    Chronic bad breath

    I've dealt with chronic bad breath for least 10 years. Bad taste in mouth does also occur, but it's not chronic, usually on mornings (most likely caused by the massive bacterial overgrowth on tongue?). Salt gargling, tongue cleaning and few selected mouth washes do relief the symptoms, but not enough. I am pretty sure that all the smell comes from my tongue. However, as I've been cleaning my tongue and salt gargling for about 2 weeks, I've also had sore throat for about 2 weeks as....
  • over 1 year ago

    Bad Breath Problems

    Hi! I work at one of the fast-food chain outlets in Oshawa to earn money for med school. I have to deal with hundreds of customers every day. Apparently, I have bad breath and the manager kind of made fun of me in front of my fellow workers. It was so embarrassing. I am so cautious now while I talk to people and it is deeply affecting my performance at work as well. I tried using gum, mouthwashes and other products but none of these seem to help. I also started flossing, but the odor is strong. I....
  • over 1 year ago

    Unexplainable Mouth Pain

    I’ve been experiencing pain for about a month now in my upper right mouth area near the back. I went to the dentist and they couldn’t see any infection or cavities in that area so they thought my wisdom tooth could be causing the pain. Just to make sure it could be that i went to a different dentist to get a second opinion and once again they couldn’t find anything on my x rays so he thought it might be my wisdom tooth. So i ended up getting both wisdom teeth on my right side extracted and within....
  • over 1 year ago

    Possible halitosis causes

    Hello, I’ve been having some bad breath over the past month. It usually gets a little worse when I do not eat but nothing significant, also it doesn’t go away easily with a Listerine for example. What I could notice is that there are some red spots on my tongue and my tonsils don’t appear to have any exposed calculus but they have some saliences( did the best I could with the images). Does someone have an opinion about the case? Thank you
  • over 1 year ago

    Please help

    I'm not quite sure why my throat looks like this, there's a small white dot in the side of my mouth towards the back and there are huge lumps in the back that have gotten bigger over time I've talked to doctors and they don't know what it is, I've had it for many months and they have gotten bigger over time. Also for a while (you can't tell in this picture from what I have eaten) but I have had a white tounge and bad breathe at the back of my throat