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  • 1 month ago

    Teeth have seriously deteriorated.

    Hi, I am suffering from chronic Pancreatitis. As a side effect of this disease, all my teeth have seriously deteriorated. Seven of my teeth is severely infected. I have been using medicated mouthwash to reduce the infection. From last day onwards, it's paining very badly. So I used Benzocaine, which can reduce the pain. But I didn't find any difference. I am not able to sleep or eat because of this pain. I tried Advil, aspirin, cold packs etc but it didn't help. My face and neck were....
  • 2 months ago

    Mouth/gum pain moves daily

    In the past few days I have noticed a throb in my gum line. It started behind my left front tooth, where I had recently had a filling done, I thought it was just some sensitivity from that, but then I noticed a throb in my lower front gum area, and today it's my entire upper portion of my left jaw. The only relief I get is when I put an ice cube in between my teeth and lightly bite and hold it where the throb is. Theres no swelling or any visual sign that anything is wrong inside my mouth. Just....
  • 2 months ago

    Bleeding gums

    My gums bleed when I brush my teeth. This is fairly normal for me, as I have gingivitis. What concerns me is that lately, the blood that comes out is closer to a brown color than just regular red. This only started happening maybe a week ago. Should I be concerned about the odd coloration?
  • 2 months ago

    Gums issue

    I went in for dental surgery. They cut my gums and exposed the roots for cleaning. It all went very well, except on one side of my mouth. Right after the surgery, I was eating and the gum felt like it was pushed down during chewing. It has all healed now, but the gums are lower on that side and the roots are slightly exposed. Is this normal, or did I loose a stitch during chewing that caused this.
  • 2 months ago


    I began noticing a general inflammation inside my mouth 8 weeks ago. It localized to the inside of my top and bottom lips and the front/tip of my tongue. No sores or other visible irregulatities, but you can see that the tissue is mildly pink. For the past two weeks the condition has caused my lips and tongue to taste "salty". If I'm drinking plain water it tastes salty on the front of my tongue. I went to my dentist who told me that he didn't see anything unusual. He prescribed....
  • 3 months ago

    Recommendations on orthognathic surgeons (Santa Cruz/San Jose)

    First off, can anyone recommend any targeted local medical forums? I realize that probably not that many people who read this are near Santa Cruz. And yes I did try webMD's doctor search engine, and it was not at all helpful. When I got my braces put on, my orthodontist said that once my teeth are straight, I should get jaw surgery. That was about two years ago and my teeth are straight now and I'm ready for the surgery, but I'm having a very difficult time finding someone who can perform....
  • 3 months ago

    Injury/Wound under tongue.

    I was recently in a small fight and I had I had to bite my attackers fingers which were in my mouth. Since them i have a contusion stretching along the bottom of my mouth under what I think is the frenulum. I couldn’t eat the night it happened but it’s been about 2 days and it is feeling better, but i’m afraid it might be infected or not healing well. It’s almost like a slice into the base of my tongue. My throat is also becoming sore, although i don’t know if it is related. I have pictures if needed....
  • 3 months ago

    Crack in tooth- I’m scared

    Hello- I felt something weird in my tooth and noticed that part of it was moved away from the old filling. I was able to gently push it back. Went to my dentist and they said I need at least a crown and might need it pulled out!!!! How can I tell from the X-ray if the crack is into the bone... I’m soo upset and they can’t see me until next week to look for sure!!!
  • 3 months ago

    Fluoride the "poison "

    Check out the "truth" about the use of fluoride in you toothpaste (and your water, etc.) at
  • 4 months ago

    4 weeks after metronidazole weird taste in my mouth

    [Tongue]( ) I am 22 years old, male, 5’10, 166, African American, 4 week issue. Hello i was given this medicine by an idiot nurse practitioner advised by a doctor because i thought my urine smelled weird and all of my samples were negative for bacteria or any std. Now after 4 weeks i have a terrible taste in my mouth that will not go away. I went to urgent care 2 weeks ago and showed them my mouth and an assistant doctor said it wasn’t thrush. Don’t know what’s wrong with....