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  • 28 days ago

    How to relieve tooth pain?

    I have some bad tooth pain caused by crowding in my mouth. I will be getting braces in a few months bc my family and I can't afford to pay for them rightnow. I need some help figuring out to manage the pain until them.
  • 30 days ago

    Unknown lumps on the back end of my tongue

    I have a large cluster of weird lumps and bumps on the back of my tongue that have only just appeared and I'm worried that they're something serious. I feel this way because i recently had oral sex with a girl.
  • 1 month ago

    Non-healing Ulcer

    34 years old and had a spot in the middle aspect of my left lateral tongue. Oral surgeon dx it as a non-healing Ulcer. He removed it and sent it off for biopsy. My question is are all non-healing Ulcers usually cancer. He told me I should not worry but everything you find about non-healing ulcers of the tongue point to cancer. I was wondering if anyone else has experience this and advice of what you have been through.
  • 1 month ago

    Scared - Throat Cancer? Paritonsillar Absess?

    I have a long history of bronchitis, tonsillitis, strep and so on since I was young. I am 23 now. About a year ago I had one of my worse bouts with strep. I noticed my left tonsil was more inflamed than my right at the time. The ENT I saw was pretty dismissive of it. The pain went away so I stopped checking the tonsil node for its size.A few months ago I began having dry mouth and ear pressure. I assumed this was due to not enough liquids, and tinnitus (I am a drummer).About two weeks ago I felt....
  • 1 month ago

    sore jaw line, canker sores and white hard line on gums?!

    help! a couple of days ago, my jaw started hurting. it's on the right side on the jaw line. i also noticed i had a canker sore when it first started. it only hurt when i touched it. i went to the dr two days ago and i thought it was a lymph bite but dr said it wasn't. (she was kinda weird so idk if she checked it good) but today, it's started hurting even when i wasn't touching it. so i looked in my mouth with flash and noticed there's another canker sore on my right side, and....
  • 1 month ago

    Vibration Inside Mouth

    I ate lot of candy coated fennel seeds. Now i got some vibration (similar to heart beat) inside the mouth over the right side of my lips and inside my mouth skin
  • 1 month ago

    smoked a cigarette after deep cleaning

    Hi, I got a deep cleaning today and received fluoride varnish. I normally don't smoke, but a few hours after the fluoride treatment, I got coffee and smoked a cigarette with a friend without thinking. Ugh. I didn't eat or drink anything for the first few hours but am wondering if I just completely ruined the fluoride varnish treatment. Thanks
  • Cosmetic dentistry while pregnancy

    Hi, I am 5 months pregnant. Two months back I was anemic. So I consulted our family doctor. He told that I was anemic because of low iron in my body. He told that if I don't take iron supplements, it may affect my baby. I am taking it for last two months. But last week I found few dark spots on my teeth. When I spoke with my husband he told the iron supplements may be causing the same. Not only the iron supplements, I was taking vitamin and mineral supplements which made my teeth discolored.....
  • 1 month ago


    Ok so I watch multiple family bloggers on YouTube. And all of them have kids my age (12-14) and all the kids my age have braces. All of them have perfect teeth. The look better then my moms teeth and when she was in high school she had a spacer , retainer, braces, and some other stuff. My teeth are more crooked and crowded then the bloggers so why are they getting the pain from braces if they have perfect teeth????
  • 1 month ago

    Dry Sockets

    Hi! I got 4 impacted wisdom teeth extracted last tuesday, and found out on Friday that I had dry sockets in both of my lower teeth. The pain has been pretty bad, and one dentist said the dry sockets were very deep and the other said they were "raging". On friday the dentist dressed them, and the pain was lessened overnight but the next morning it was back and pretty bad. On Saturday I went back and they put what she called putty on the dry sockets instead. The pain has been on and off since....