• 6 months ago

    Wisdom tooth removal

    Hi, last week onwards, my gums are inflamed. It is very painful. I was not able to brush properly. If I brush hardly, it will bleed. Even while flossing the gums bleed. The gums have been more sensitive too. One of my friends suggested me to try warm and cold compresses. I tried that too but I didn’t get any good result for that. When I saw my family doctor, he told me that if the inflammation exists for more than a week, I should consult the dentist. After three days, I found that a tooth was erupting. I called my family doctor and told him about this. He told about the wisdom tooth and suggested a wisdom tooth removal procedure from a general dentistry services in Edmonton ( http://www.rootsonwhytedental.com/services/general-dentistry/ ). I am planning to visit the dental clinic next day. Before I visit, I want to know about the wisdom tooth removal procedure. Is this procedure painful? Is there a need for anesthesia? Is it possible to carry out this procedure when the gums are inflamed? Please give me some valuable replies.