• 16 days ago

    Pain in the gum, localised - should I get worried?

    When I saw the dentist a month ago for a checkup, this wasn't an issue and my dentist didn't pick up any issues here...he did elsewhere (resulting in a drill and fill).

    A few days ago I woke up to find the gum in the middle of the front teeth on my lower jaw to have swollen up, like it does when food gets caught in the teeth. Thinking it was that, I flossed and no food particles or anything came out. I've been using a saltwater gargle for 2 days and the swelling goes down slightly then returns along with my antiseptic mouthwash. The tooth next to it has swollen up slightly now too, although I think this could have been from food getting caught

    The yesterday I noticed pain under that tooth when I press on it, localised to that area only, and doesn't hurt when I leave it alone - it's hard to tell if it's getting redder or not.

    Should this be something I should worry about and get checked out or should I give it a few weeks and see what happens before I go to my dentist for a clean as I had been planning? I can't tell if the gum line is receding or not, if it was then I'd be concerned majorly.