• 6 months ago

    Teeth have seriously deteriorated.

    Hi, I am suffering from chronic Pancreatitis. As a side effect of this disease, all my teeth have seriously deteriorated. Seven of my teeth is severely infected. I have been using medicated mouthwash to reduce the infection. From last day onwards, it's paining very badly. So I used Benzocaine, which can reduce the pain. But I didn't find any difference. I am not able to sleep or eat because of this pain. I tried Advil, aspirin, cold packs etc but it didn't help. My face and neck were swollen. I am planning to undergo emergency dental service from a clinic in Toronto ( https://dentalcaretoronto.com/emergency-dentist-toronto-259082/) . Until then, is there anything else I can do? Please give suggestions so that I can try. Thanking you in advance.