• 7 months ago


    I began noticing a general inflammation inside my mouth 8 weeks ago. It localized to the inside of my top and bottom lips and the front/tip of my tongue. No sores or other visible irregulatities, but you can see that the tissue is mildly pink. For the past two weeks the condition has caused my lips and tongue to taste "salty". If I'm drinking plain water it tastes salty on the front of my tongue. I went to my dentist who told me that he didn't see anything unusual. He prescribed a steroidal dosepack for one week, which brought some relief but the discomfort and saltiness returned.
    I have been to my primary care physician who saw nothing out of the ordinary. He had me take antiviral meds for one week, just in case this was some kind of herpes-related condition. No improvement. My ENT physician thoroughly examined my mouth, throat and sinuses and saw no apparent cause either. He has me using a non-alcohol mouth rinse called "Closys". He also has me wearing a "chin strap" to keep my mouth closed during sleep.

    My dermatologist thinks it may be a topical allergic reaction to some medication or supplement I have been taking, but nothing in my diet or health regimen has changed.

    The salty taste is continuous. Even now as I am typing this article it is causing a salty taste in my mouth. I would try to just sit tight and hope this condition departs, but just try ignoring your own mouth.