• 7 months ago

    Recommendations on orthognathic surgeons (Santa Cruz/San Jose)

    First off, can anyone recommend any targeted local medical forums? I realize that probably not that many people who read this are near Santa Cruz. And yes I did try webMD's doctor search engine, and it was not at all helpful.

    When I got my braces put on, my orthodontist said that once my teeth are straight, I should get jaw surgery. That was about two years ago and my teeth are straight now and I'm ready for the surgery, but I'm having a very difficult time finding someone who can perform the surgery. My orthodontist initially recommended Santa Cruz Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, but it turned out they weren’t in my insurance network. I also tried Stanford Medical, but every time I went out there they just referred me to a different doctor, and it’s so far away that every trip costs me a day of work. Then I asked my insurance to give me a list of doctors who could perform the surgery, but I don’t think they understood what I needed, because they ended up giving me a list of orthodontists.

    The reason I need the surgery is because my bite is off by almost a whole tooth, and my teeth will just get crooked again if I don't fix that. It will also fix my obstructive sleep apnea, which is pretty severe.