• 7 months ago

    Sore skin inside mouth

    Right so about 2 months ago maybe more, I burnt my mouth on the inside; behind the left cheek. It kind of healed but then more recently (4 weeks ago) my mouth became very sore and I had a cut that was almost kind of yellow inside. I went to the doctor last Saturday and he prescribed some antibiotics. I finished these last night and noticed an improvement however, since coming back from work today I've noticed my mouth feels sore again. I've attached pictures here;



  • 6 months ago

    RE: Sore skin inside mouth

    The mouth is very hard to heal & takes a long, long time. By taking antibiotics, you then increase your chances of getting an oral yeast infection (fungal) & most likely that's what happened (IMO after seeing your photos). You need to treat THAT ASAP (nystatin swish & swallow is prescribed often so that you're treating your mouth & your throat). Avoid any sugar as that only feeds the yeast/fungi). And I had to get rid of the "innocent-looking" peach fuzz/facial hair next to your lips...