• 8 months ago

    Red bumps on tip of tongue

    Hi all,

    I have red bumps close to the tip of my tongue as well as up the sides going to the back. The are mostly red, but one or two have a white top to them and are pointy. I have tested for all STDs and come back negative, as well as a oral rinse test for HPV which was negative as well. I also have a burning sensation on my tongue.


  • 14 days ago

    RE: Red bumps on tip of tongue

    I’m having same problems only I have a white line inside of both cheeks and my tongue looks jagged around the edge (like I nibbled it off or something) and my tongue is slightly swollen. Mouthwash helps the pain after it stops burning my whole mouth
  • 6 days ago

    RE: Red bumps on tip of tongue

    If you have red bumps on tip of tongue, you can rinse your mouth regularly with warm salt water and baking soda to relieve pain. In addition, you should avoid acidic and spicy food, drink plenty of water until the bumps disappear.