• 9 months ago

    Cold Tooth After Cavity (for years)

    So around three years ago I got my first cavity in my twenties. My dentist was worried about as it was a DEEP cavity and thought I would need to get a root canal. I went to an endodontist days later after the tooth in question was still reacting to cold specifically, but he thought that the feeling may go away in a month.

    It hasn't.

    Here's where things get....complicated....I haven't told my dentist this...but after all these years? My tooth (that specific one that got the cavity) STILL reacts to the cold. For a few seconds...then goes away. My dentist has taken x-rays as recent as two weeks ago and found nothing.

    What 'may' be the answer is that I do grind my teeth in my sleep. I've been trying to wear a guard but I do forget. My dentist thinks the coldness is because of my grinding....but I haven't expressed that I've felt this sensitivity to cold ever since he filled in my cavity.

    It doesn't help that this tooth is in the VERY back, possibly being pushed by my wisdom teeth? But even x-rays show that the 'pushing' isn't so bad....I'm sorry to come online asking about this, but this can't be normal right?? This VERY tooth is sensitive to cold? I'm sure the grinding has something to do with it, but is that the only thing? Maybe it is since none of the x-rays show anything and I don't feel pain from it.....but it's still hard to eat cold sandwiches or have ice near this tooth....

    Help me...if you can?