• 9 months ago

    Invisible braces

    This wasn’t my first experience with braces since I had the traditional metal orthodontic braces when I was a teen. https://midental.ca/services/orthodontic-braces-orthopedics/ I wore it almost a year. My teeth were perfect after my initial treatment, but I wasn’t diligent about wearing my retainers every night. Eventually, I stopped wearing it altogether since it becomes too painful. I was foolish and I should have been more responsible. My teeth ended up shifting tremendously over the next decade, which taught me a good lesson that I’ll never forget. In my early 20s, I was dealing with an open bite and my top front teeth became crowded and pushed out slightly. I was embarrassed because this could have been prevented and I felt self-conscious about my smile. I didn't want to put on the normal metal braces again. Unwillingly but scared I went to the doctor. I opened up to him. He laughed and told me it's all too common these days. I was relieved. He suggested about the invisible braces that is done on the tongue side. Without second thoughts I agreed to it. I knew the cost is high but I had to choose it because this was what I longed for. Can I get suggestions from anyone who has experienced this?