• over 1 year ago

    Teeth really bothering me but dentist sais nothing is wrong ;-;

    My two bottom canines are bothering me so much. They dont hurt but feel like theyre going to pop or something. It's hard to describe. Like theres stuff underneath them trying to push them out or maybe theyre filling with air and inflating until they pop. Went to the dentist to get them removed today but he said there is absolutely nothing he can see wrong with them and he wont remove them.

    I have diabetes and high blood pressure. Drinking lots of water seems to help some but it doesnt go away completely. It bothers me so much that i want them pulled but i cant even do that ;-; Please help me find out what is wrong! I'm scared i will have this forever. It's been going on for months with one of them and a week ago it started doing it with the other.